Oxygen Set (Lagaay) Model bag

Product name

Oxygen set contents: -Oxygen Cylinder 2L 200bar G5/8 -Red+Valve+flowmeter Bullnose 0-25L/min -Guedel Airway, size 1, white, 7cm, child -Guedel Airway, size 2, green, 8cm, adult -Guedel Airway,size 3, yellow, 9cm, adult -Guedel Airway, size 4, red, 10cm, adult -Suction Katheter Size CH 12 -Oxygen mask Rebreathing adult 2,1m -Oxygen mask+reservoir child 2.1m -Res-Q-Vac Hand Suction Unit -Resuscitation Bag White complete -Bag for oxygen set -Instructions for use oxygen set -Check tag for medical oxygen -Proof of receipt and 1st check oxygen -Certificate Oxygen Set

Product code 204220